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Who's Who with Responsibility






           Belmont Staff for September 2017 – 2018


Senior Leadership Team




Ms Shaw

Designated Safeguarding Leads

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Aggarwall

Inclusion and Wellbeing Leader; DSL

Acting Assistant Headteacher

Miss Ali

English Team Leader/ Action Research Leader

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Bachoo


Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Best

On Maternity leave

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Dickins

EYFS Team Leader; Forest School & Outdoor Learning Hub Leader

Specialist Leader of Education for Mathematics

Mrs Karaiskos

Maths Team Leader & Maths Learning Hub Leader


Ms Gogna


Learning and Achievement Leaders

Miss Banyard

International Primary Curriculum Leader. Lower KS2 Phase Leader


Miss Sopta

Writing. Upper KS2 Phase Leader


Miss Toral

Reading. KS1 Phase Leader


Class Teachers



Miss Miskechova



Mrs Dickins/Ms Pittman

Ms Francis

Mr Szych

Year 1

Mrs Perera

Miss Toral/

Miss Von Hagt

Year 2

Mrs T Patel

Mrs Castree /Mrs Kapadia

Miss Somji

Year 3

Miss Ali/Miss Spencer-Pell (Associate Teacher)

Mr Ayeh-Datey

Mrs McKenzie

Year 4

Miss Banyard

Mr Bone/Mrs Karaiskos

Miss Hawron

Year 5

Mrs Bachoo/ Mrs Dutchler

Mr Smith


Year 6

Miss Sopta/Mrs Karaiskos

Miss O’Halloran



Miss Atkins



Mrs Dutchler



Mr Macarthur



Reading Recovery

Mrs Shah


School Counsellor

Mrs Byrne



Mrs Hainsworth

Mrs Westall

Mrs Buckley


Mrs Dale Mahon

Miss Evans

Ms Jadczyszyn


Mrs Maxwell

Mrs Moore

Mrs Vyas

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Adegun

Mrs Ahmed

Mrs Azim


Mrs Bhardwa

Mrs Burrows

Mrs Doolan


Miss Griffin

Mrs Haji

Mrs Irabor


Mrs Kara

Mrs Maru

Miss Morris


Mrs O’Connor

Miss Panacides

Miss Pointu


Miss Porter

Ms Rasheed

Mrs Russell


Sports Coach

Mr Doolan


Network Manager

Mrs Morjaria


ICT Technician

Mrs K Patel


Business Manager

Mrs J Shaw


School Receptionist


Admissions and Data Management

Mrs Egan


Attendance and Data Management

Ms Reid


PA to Headteacher/HR Administrator

Mrs Kotecha


Welfare Resource

Mrs Drury

Mrs Haskett

Mrs Williams

Site Manager

Mr Winder



Mr Pindoria


Assistant Caretaker

Mr Hainsworth



Mrs Bhudia

Mrs Kerai

Mrs Parekh


Mrs Patel


Senior Lunchtime Manager

Mrs Irabor


Lunchtime Managers

Mrs Ahmed

Mrs Baylon

Mrs Balfield


Mrs Butt

Mrs Davda

Mrs Haziri


Mrs Hussain

Mrs Islam

Mrs Joshi


Mrs Karoo

Mrs Mandalia

Mrs McGlone


Mrs Metaj


Mrs Pramodrai


Mrs Puspasen

Mrs Ryder

Mrs Sharif


Mrs Subanthini

Mrs Uthayan



Crossing Patrol

Mrs Bowles




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