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Friday 17th January


Next week we will be exploring how to change sounds. Try some of the activities below to develop your child's understanding of 'sound'.

* Go on a sound hunt. Listen for different sounds in your home and write a list/draw pictures of objects which make sounds

* Make an instrument from junk at home and bring it in to show your friends

* Practise numbers 0-15. Can your child count forwards/backwards and arrange the numbers in order?

Please add evidence to Tapestry.


Fri 10th Jan : Reception home learning

Next week we will be 'change makers' by exploring what happens when you mix colours together. Please put your evidence on Tapestry.



Can your child identify red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, pink, white and black coloured items around your home? Explore this book with your child . Try and mix some colours together and see what happens!



We will be exploring patterns so try to create a repeated colour pattern using objects in your home or use the online game:


Star 1

Star 1 1 Climbing on a climbing frame.JPG
Star 1 2 Counting skittles.JPG
Star 1 3 Counting.JPG
Star 1 4 Exploring cornflour.JPG
Star 1 5 Having fun on a climbing frame.JPG
Star 1 6 Plaing the musical instrument.JPG
Star 1 7 Reading a book.JPG
Star 1 8 Writing my name.JPG

Star 2

Star 2 1 Carving a pumpkin.JPG
Star 2 2 Climbing confidently on the climbing frame.JPG
Star 2 3 Decorating cakes.JPG
Star 2 4 Drawing a pumpkin.JPG
Star 2 5 Driving a fire truck.JPG
Star 2 6 Fireworks painting.JPG
Star 2 7 Having fun on the climbing frame.JPG
Star 2 8 Making an aeroplane.JPG
Star 2 9 Making Halloween cakes.JPG
Star 2 10 Reading stories.JPG

Star 3

Star 3 1 Autumn Art.JPG
Star 3 2 building with lego.JPG
Star 3 3 Cooking roleplay in the home corner.JPG
Star 3 4 exploring light and colours.JPG
Star 3 5 exploring water.JPG
Star 3 6 filling sand in containers.JPG
Star 3 7 ironing in the home corner.JPG
Star 3 8 Manipulating playdough.JPG
Star 3 9 mark making with chalk.JPG
Star 3 10 Maths - ordering numbers.JPG
Star 3 11 messy play with paint - exploring mixing colours.JPG
Star 3 12 painting a rainbow.JPG
Star 3 13 representing numbers using ten frame.JPG
Star 3 14 role playing and exploring the sounds of musical instruments.JPG
Star 3 15 role playing in kitchen outside.JPG
Star 3 16 water play outside.JPG


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