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Home Learning


Friday 13th March

Next week we are expecting a delivery of eggs from the farmer.



- Research the life cycle of a chicken. Write some words/sentences to show what they have learnt. This can be shared with the rest of the class. Encourage your child to use their phonic knowledge to help them spell words, reminding them to leave finger spaces etc.


Expressive arts & design:

- Learn a poem/song about chicks

- Create a model of a chick/chicken using recyclable materials found in your home


We look forward to seeing your Tapestry observations.


Reception Home Learning 6th March 2020


Understanding the World & Literacy:

As next week is Science Week, please could you carry out an experiment with your child and upload videos/photos to Tapestry as evidence. There are some ideas on youtube:

Encourage your child to write down what equipment they used and what  happened.


Maths: We have been practising ordering numbers this week. (choose the level your child is working at)


Friday 28th February

  • As next week is ‘book week’ speak to your child about their favourite book. Our exploration this half term is based around ‘plastics’ and ‘recycling’ so it would be great if you helped your child to MAKE a costume (reuse, recycle things you have at home etc) reflecting a book character they like. The children can wear their costume to school on Thu 5th March to celebrate ‘World Book Day’.
  • Download ‘teach your monster to read’ – a free app to help your child with their phonics (it is free to use until 28th February) which can be used on computers or tablets/phones.
  • Reminder – we are continuing to collect large plastic bottles and would like donations of coloured plastic bags too!


Reception Holiday Home learning – February 2020


Next half term we will be focusing on single use plastics and trying to become change makers in our local environment. For this to be a success, we need YOUR help!


We would like the children to learn about the ocean and will spend the first few weeks exploring books about sea animals affected by plastic.


  1. Throughout February/March, please send in lots of carrier bags (all colours will be welcomed) and any other plastic packaging/bottles/boxes you have at home – no matter how big or small, we can make use of it!


  1. Please help your child to create an ocean diorama using an old shoebox. There are lots of ideas on Google.
  2. Encourage your child to recycle at home!

We look forward to seeing lots of videos/photos on Tapestry and the finished products when they are brought into school on Monday 24th February!

Have a happy safe holiday!

 – Reception team 

Home Learning Friday 7th February



- Recap on 2d shapes. Can your child name shapes and describe how many sides they have?

3d shapes: Create a table/bar chart showing how many cubes, cuboids, cones, pyramids and spheres you found in your home.



- Discuss different feelings with your child. What makes them happy/sad/angry etc? What can they do to calm down? Create a poster about feelings and bring it into school.


Friday 31st January


  • Explore materials in your home. Can you find something made out of wood, plastic, metal, glass, fabric? Discuss the properties/textures of each material.
  • Choose 3 objects from your home. Can you put them in order of how heavy they are? Children should try to use vocabulary linked to weight e.g. heavier, lighter, heaviest, lightest
  • Explore how ingredients can change when heated. Bake something this weekend and write a recipe. Add observations to Tapestry as usual.

Reminder - we are still collecting all types of plastic bottles!


Home learning - Friday 24th January 2020


Explore ‘capacity’ at home. Find 3 containers of different sizes and test which holds the most/least water. Put the containers in order from smallest capacity to largest capacity. Does a tall thin container hold the same amount of liquid as a wide short container?


Literacy/ Understanding the world:

Make a poster of some ‘solids’ and ‘liquids’ you find in your home – draw the pictures and use your phonic knowledge to label each object you draw. Bring this in on Monday so we can discuss your ideas in class.


Friday 17th January 2020


Next week we will be exploring how to change sounds. Try some of the activities below to develop your child's understanding of 'sound'.

* Go on a sound hunt. Listen for different sounds in your home and write a list/draw pictures of objects which make sounds

* Make an instrument from junk at home and bring it in to show your friends

* Practise numbers 0-15. Can your child count forwards/backwards and arrange the numbers in order?

Please add evidence to Tapestry.


Fri 10th Jan 2020 : Reception home learning

Next week we will be 'change makers' by exploring what happens when you mix colours together. Please put your evidence on Tapestry.



Can your child identify red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, pink, white and black coloured items around your home? Explore this book with your child . Try and mix some colours together and see what happens!



We will be exploring patterns so try to create a repeated colour pattern using objects in your home or use the online game: