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Medical Room Procedures


Article 24 – The right to the best health care possible to help you stay well.

We are proud of the care that our staff show towards all the children and adults at Belmont School. We always have many trained First Aiders on site, who are available to quickly deal with any medical issues. We have over 600 pupils at school and we deal with a variety and number of incidents daily. Children who have visited the Medical Room for any reason will be given a blue slip to take home to inform parents/carers of issue and treatment. Parents/carers will only be contacted for a serious injury or illness.

We will not hesitate to call 999 for an ambulance before contacting parents. Outlined below are the procedures that we follow:

A sick/injured child reports distress, is assessed initially by an adult and if appropriate, is sent to medical room accompanied by another child, to be assessed by a certificated first aider.

  • The child is asked how the accident happened and where. Any necessary follow up action is always taken once the child’s treatment is completed and blue form is issued.
  • If bleeding, the area would be bathed with cold water and plaster applied and blue form is issued.
  • If a head injury, the head would be felt. If no bump is visible, then an ice pack would be applied. The child would be escorted back to class and staff would be alerted. A blue form would be issued.
  •  If it is a serious injury the parents would be called and advised to seek further medical advice. If a visit to hospital is required, then the school fills out an Accident Report form.
  • If a child comes in unwell or is feeling hot, their temperature would be taken and if high, parents are called, and the child is sent home.
  •  If an upset stomach and/or vomiting has occurred, the parents would be contacted, and child taken home and must not return to school for 48 hours.
  •  All accidents and medical issues, whatever the seriousness, are recorded in the medical book. Treatment such as cold compress is recorded and the First Aider initials the entry in the medical book.
  • If a child has a seizure, person first on sight will ensure pupil is safe, put into recover position, record time the seizure started, an ambulance will be called immediately and Senior Leadership Team must be notified straightaway.
  •  If a child has a Health Care Plan, parents will be invited in regularly to ensure that it is up to date. All staff will be notified of needs, changes and relevant training will be provided.
  • If an ambulance is required and parents/carers are unavailable, then staff will accompany the child to hospital.