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Spanish Home Learning




Week 5 and 6: Home Learning - Spanish 

Reviewing this half terms Spanish learning:


Have you ever heard about “Carnaval”? (Carnival). It is a famous celebration which takes place during February half term in Spain. People dance in the street wearing special costumes.


  • Watch this video about “Carnaval”. You do not need to watch the full video just have a quick look on different parts of the video in order to see different costumes:


  • Imagine that you attend “El Carnaval” and design your own costume.


  • Label each clothing of your costume in Spanish.


Do not forget to use the on-line dictionary if you want to include any other clothing apart from what you learned in the Spanish Lesson:


Challenge: Can you write a sentence expressing your opinion about “El Carnaval?



Me gusta el carnaval porque es colorido – I like carnaval because it is colourful

No me gusta el carnaval porque es ruidoso: I do not like carnaval because it is noisy.






Week 4: Home Learning - Spanish 


Speak to your family and find out which clothes they like to wear and not wear. Write five of these sentences in third person, e.g:


"My mum likes  T-shirts - A mi madre le gusta la camiseta"

"My dad doesn't like jumpers - A mi padre no le gusta los jerseys"


On-line dictionary:





Week 3: Home Learning – Spanish                      




Home learning task: List the clothing that you find in your cupboard "armario" and write 5 sentences in Spanish e.g.


Examples: I have a blue skirt – Yo tengo una falda azul.


On-line dictionary:






Week 2: Home Learning – Spanish                      




  • Completion of class task: Think about ten pieces of clothing in English and use a Dictionary to look for the name of those pieces of clothing in Spanish:


Examples: Shirt, Jumper…


On-line dictionary:


  • Extension home learning task: List the clothing that you and your family wear and write 3 sentences in Spanish:


Examples: My dad wore a shirt – Mi padre viste una camisa.


On-line dictionary: