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Belmont School Governing Body List of Members 2021-2022


The Governing Body is made up of 11 representatives (detailed below) from the School and the local community, each of whom is appointed for four years.


1 local authority representative

6 co-opted representatives, to include 1 staff member

2 elected parents

1 staff representative

The Head Teacher


The Governors are responsible for making sure that Belmont Primary School provides a high quality education for all the children in a safe and secure environment.  The Governing Body set the school aims and policies, agree the budget and work with the Head Teacher, who has day-to-day responsibility for the management of the School.


The full Governing Body meets at least twice a term and smaller working groups also meet to progress curriculum and resourcing matters.  Governors are available to discuss matters with parents at School events or may be contacted via the School Office (020 8427 0903).


Local Authority Governor (1)

Mr Manji Kara – Chairman


Co-opted Governors (6)

Miss Juliette Ginsberg

Mrs Sheetal Shah

Mrs Katharine Woodcock

Mr Yashin Mody

Mr Summit Sharma

Miss Shanara Ali (Interim Deputy Head)


Parent Governors (2)

Mr Sajith Sahid

Mrs Ayisha Rahamathullah



Staff Governor (1)

Mr Pawel Szych


Head Teacher (1)

Mrs Poonam Aggarwall (Head Teacher)


The Clerk to the Governing Body is Sarah Wildman