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Year 6 Transition to High School

The information on this page is about children starting secondary school in September 2024.

Children start secondary school in September 2024, if they were born between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013. To apply for a school place you will need to complete an application form. 

Please read the information on this page and then use the apply button found at the end:

Information on how to apply for a secondary school place and details of school admission arrangements for each school can also be viewed in our guide to secondary schools 2023-24.

Applications for an immediate school place

If you need an immediate secondary school place for the current academic year, please complete the in-year application form.

Applications from families arriving from abroad, including the EU

In most cases, children arriving from overseas have the right to attend schools in England. It is the responsibility of parents to check whether their child has a right, under their visa entry conditions, to study at a school before submitting an application. 

View more information about applications for families arriving from abroad on the Government website

Applications for a faith school place

If you are applying to a faith school/academy, you will need to fill in a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) and return it directly to the school before the closing date. For some schools you will also need to complete a Priest Reference form for more information see the school admission arrangements page.

Secondary school open days and evenings

For information on the open days and evenings for secondary schools in Harrow, see the secondary school open day schedule for 2023/24.


The closing date to submit an application form for a secondary school place for September 2024 is 31 October 2023. 

You can still apply for a secondary school place for September 2024, however any applications submitted after 31 October 2023 will be considered late and will be processed in March 2024.

To submit an application for a secondary school place for September 2024 follow the information below:

Apply for a secondary school place

Important dates

Below are some important dates for secondary school applications.

Date Event
1 Sep 2023 Application for secondary school opens
31 Oct 2023 Closing date for applications
1 Mar 2024 National secondary school offer day
15 Mar 2024 Deadline to accept or decline offer
16 April 2024 Closing date for receipt of appeals