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School Day

School attendance is mandatory for all pupils.

If your child is ill, please notify the school office on 0208 427 0903.

We operate a staggered start and end time for phase groups. All pupils must in school and collected at their designated time:

Key Stage ​

Start of School time​

End of School time ​

Reception ​



Key Stage 1​



Key Stage 2​



Nursery am​



Nursery pm ​



It is important that your child starts school with their peers as this will help them to get ready for the amazing learning planned. It is your responsibility to ensure that your child is in school at their designated times. Repeated lateness means that your child is losing out on valuable learning, therefore the school’s safeguarding procedures will be followed and referrals will be made to external agencies where necessary.

The school week is 32.5 hours approximately. 

If you are interested with signing your children up to after-school club, do contact Mr Bennett on 07947 682787 or will provide you with the price and other information. 

Pupils who are not collected at the designated times at the end of the day will be escorted to the afterschool club (ACE) which will result in a charge for this service for parents.