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Wellbeing, Physical and Mental Health Support

Mental health is all about the wellbeing of the mind. It’s all just a little bit of word play. As you know we all have mental health, and this isn’t a bad thing! It’s about how you maintain it.

At Belmont, we believe that the wellbeing of our children’s hearts and minds are just as important as their physical wellbeing. When children don’t feel well in their body, we tend to know immediately what could help, whether that’s giving our children rest, medication, or taking them to see a doctor. We try to think about our children’s minds in a similar way. That is, when they are show signs of difficulty or distress, to think with parents, families and other professionals about ways to help them.

As a Rights Respecting School, it is our responsibility to work towards achieving what is best for each child (UNCRC Article 3).  For us, that means making sure that we support and nurture each pupil to be ready to learn and work towards achieving their potential, in whatever way is best for them as an individual.

Talking about Mental Health

Feeling unsure about talking about Mental Health?  Watch Break the Stigma 

At Belmont, we feel we have an important role to play in helping our pupils to develop their emotional and mental wellbeing and developing a growth mind-set. We talk about and promote positive mental health, as we believe this can contribute towards improving a range of outcomes for our pupils, including attitudes to learning and better attendance.  This is supported by our ethos “Stronger Together” and our school values: Show Respect, Do Your Best and Make the Right Choice.

Our Curriculum

PSHE lessons incorporate the termly 'Exploration' theme. Planning is devised using the latest PSHE guidance. Our teachers plan for discussion, circle time; worry boxes for children to share their worries and fears. Assemblies and promotion of children’s rights, all focus on supporting our pupils to develop the qualities, skills and attributes they need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society, now and in the future. 

Our Staff Support

At Belmont, we all care a lot about your child’s mental health and wellbeing. All of our staff focus on promoting wellbeing, modelling positive relationships and supporting our pupils to take care of themselves and others. We encourage our pupils’ right to have their voices heard (UNCRC Article 12) and provide them with a space to speak.  We recognise the importance of providing appropriate support when children are struggling and so provide specialised help, more information can be found in our Mental Health Promotion at Belmont School document below.

If you need further support or information, do not hesitate to contact the SENDCo via the school office.