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Senior Leadership Team

Mrs P Aggarwall


Mrs L McKenzie

Deputy Headteacher

Mr A Revens

Assistant Headteacher — Inclusion (SENDCo)

Mrs T Patel

Assistant Headteacher — EYFS, Years 1 and 2

Mrs T Bachoo

Assistant Headteacher — Years 3, 4, 5 and 6

Mrs J Pusey

Business and Personnel Manager

Learning and Achievement Leaders

Ms S Patel

Learning and Achievement Leader for Year 1 and Year 2

Ms H Richards

Learning and Achievement Leader for Year 3 and Year 4

Mr P Szych

Learning and Achievement Leader for Early Years

Miss M Karimboy

Learning and Achievement Leader for Year 5 and 6

Stargazers Specialist Provision

SEND Teacher

Mrs P Castree

Mrs J Spencer-Pell



Mrs R Sewell

Mrs D Moore

Ms J Heath

SEN Support


Mrs S Ahmad-Minhas

Mrs S Suthaar

SEN Support Ms R Akamammad    

Teaching/Support Staff

Year Group


HLTA/NNEB/Teaching Assistant



 Miss L Muscillo

Mrs P Vyas 

Mrs A Dale Mahon



Mr N Brett

Mrs N Olivier

Mr P Szych

Mrs C Moore

Mrs N Bellot

Year 1


Miss C Thomas

Mrs V Kara

Miss A Karagianni

Miss D Morris

Mrs M Nadeem

Year 2


Ms S Patel

Mrs M Griffiths

Ms N Gordon

Mrs P Hainsworth

Year 3


Mrs E Irabor

Miss N Brown-Sappleton

Mr H Bone

Mrs A Doolan

Mrs A Prince

Year 4


Miss H Richards

Ms K Newby

Mr S Choudhury

Mrs P Patel

Mr A Herring


Year 5


Mr E Ayeh-Datey

Mr C Simspon

Mr S Kaur

Mrs H Millwood

Year 6

Mrs C Mannion/Mrs S Kapadia 

Mrs M Karimboy

Mr K Koukoulis

Mrs S Ahmed

Mrs D Westall


Mr C Anderson


PPA Mrs N Memon  


Mrs B McMenamin


EAL LSA / Parent Ambassador

Miss M Rasheed



Sports Coach

Mr D Clifton 

 Be Active

School Counsellor

Mrs A Byrne


Administration Support Staff

Business Manager and Personnel Manager

Mrs J Pusey

Admin & HR

Miss O Collaku

Admissions, Attendance and Assessment

 Mrs A Tibu

Finance and Administration

 Mrs S Samantha

Computing Technician

 Mr H Baig


 The DPO Centre

Welfare Officer

 Ms S Hughes

Parent Ambassadors

Parent Ambassador

Mrs A Tibu

Parent Ambassador

Mrs S Sengerwal

Premises Support Staff

Site Manager

Mr A Winder


Mr V Pindoria

Assistant Caretaker

Mr E Burey

Lunchtime Managers

Play Co-Ordinator

Mrs E Verro

Lunchtime Manager Mrs L Nham

Lunchtime Manager

Mrs S Butt

Lunchtime Manager

Mrs N Davda

Lunchtime Manager

Mrs S Devi

Lunchtime Manager

Mrs M Nadeem

Lunchtime Manager

Mrs S Hussain

Lunchtime Manager

Mrs N Thomson

Lunchtime Manager

Mrs S Islam

Lunchtime Manager

Mrs A Lungu

Lunchtime Manager

Mrs D Vekariya 

Lunchtime Manager

Mrs A Patel
Lunchtime Manager Mrs N Thomas

Lunchtime Manager

Mrs B Karoo

Lunchtime Manager

Mrs L McGlone

Lunchtime Manager

Mrs J Metaj

Lunchtime Manager

Mrs H Parekh

Lunchtime Manager

Mrs P Pramodrai

Lunchtime Manager

Mrs M Puspasen

Lunchtime Manager

Mrs N Sharif

Lunchtime Manager

Mrs S Jenale

Lunchtime Manager

Mrs P Seedhar

Crossing Patrol

Crossing Patrol

Mrs N Bowles