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Art and Design at Belmont School

AccessArt Progression (Skills and Knowledge) for Primary Schools Years 1 to 6


Through our holistic curriculum at Belmont School, we innovate and provide opportunities for our pupils to:

  • Understand the ways' art connects us with our history, helps us embrace the present, and empowers us to shape our future.
  • Understand that art is far more than a series of technical skills, to ensure our pupils learn through art, as well as about art.
  • Develop creativity, their sense of individuality and draw on their cultural experiences.
  • Learn a wide range of skills, developing understanding and showing clear progression, developing them into budding artists!
  • Have the opportunity to explore key issues associated with pupil well-being, such as self-confidence and self-esteem and combine this with wider global concepts to make our pupils well-rounded, creative and confident artists.


The Art and Design curriculum is implemented through Access Art’s ‘split’ curriculum as Art and Design, and Design and Technology are taught alternatively each half-term. Access Art provides teachers with critical concepts, teaching notes, video prompts and a wealth of ideas to practise and embed Art skills and knowledge within their classes.

Through their planned schemes of work pupils will:

  • Be exposed to the works of a wide variety of artists, designers and craftspeople from across the world, with a mix of contemporary and traditional artists.
  • Focus on Pathways based around: ‘drawing and sketchbook’, ‘surface and colour’ and ‘working in 3 dimensions’.

Teachers are confident in implementing the Art curriculum, our teachers will:

  • Receive specific INSET days and afterschool CPD sessions to explore how to deliver the pathways to the pupils.
  • Regular opportunities to take part in school to school moderation.
  • Work in partnership with local and national art competitions.
  • Work in partnership with local, national and international primary and secondary schools.


By the time our pupils leave our school they will:

  • Express themselves confidently about the world around them through a variety of creative outlets.
  • Embody personal and cultural expression through various mediums and art forms.
  • Demonstrate knowledge, skills and terminologies and creative outlets.
  • Develop their own artistic style that is evident in their sketchbooks.

Senior Leadership Team and subject leaders monitor the impact of our art provision through regular monitoring, including pupil, staff and parent voice.

Our curriculum is one in which the artists and artworks of social, cultural and historical significance are taught in correspondence with the cultural and social experiences of our community. Pupils develop the knowledge, skills, terminologies, and creative outlets to help them express themselves and the world around them with confidence.