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Happy Harrow ​

This page has been designed and will be updated by the Serena and Wafaa, pupils in Year 5! 

Outstandingly Happy School - Art of Brilliance 

Group logo of Happy Harrow

Happy Harrow Event

In January 2024, our year group (Year 5) went to the Happy Harrow event where we got to learn how to change and accept things, and even if you don't like something, how to stay happy. 

We met other schools and near the end, we engaged with them and learnt things about them, and made friends with each other, which was really fun. 

"I remember at the Happy Harrow event we were asked to choose in order what makes us most happy, "Health", "Happiness", "Money", "Family & Friends" & "Education". My order was Health, Family, Happiness, Education and Money." - Wafaa

We really enjoyed the activities at Happy Harrow. My favourite was drawing a flower, as the bigger the flower you drew, the more growth mindset you had.

"I also enjoyed watching the videos of other people expressing their happiness. The host's child was doing a funny dance, and it made me happy." - Serena


Being a two percenter

Being a two percenter is when you try your best in everything, even if you don't like it. For example, a lesson or change. You can either try to enjoy it, or at least talk about it and try your best and not give up. Just keep on trying and trying again! 


Our favourite art of brilliance quotes.

"Choosing Happiness" because it's linked to being a 2 percenter. - Wafaa

Another quote I like from the Art of Brilliance which my Teacher has printed in our classroom is "Do it better than you have to!" because you push your self to do your best. - Serena

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Our Posters

In our classes we created our own posters explaining what we think Happy Harrow was about and how we can stay happy at school and home.

Here are a few of our posters.



Happy Harrow Video 

Here is a video we made which shows the Happy Harrow event and us interviewing children in our Year Group,

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