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Spanish Home Learning



Week 5 and 6: Home Learning - Spanish


Reviewing this half terms Spanish learning:


Create a map of a real or made up area. Write 5 sentences using some of the prepositions of place as well as the verb to be ‘Hay’ for making a creating descriptive sentences.




Hay una tienda de juguetes en frente de el supermercado – There is a toy shop in fron of the supermarket.

Hay una escuela cerca de el parque –
There is a school close to the park


Do not forget to use the on-line dictionary if you want to include any other part of the city apart from what you learned in the Spanish Lesson:


Challenge: Can you write more than five sentences describing your map?





Week 4: Home Learning - Spanish


Prepositions of Places 


Write five sentences using the following prepositions:


In front of - en frente de 

Behind - detras de

Next to - al lado de

Close to - cerca de 

Far from - lejos de 




"My house is in front of the supermarket - Mi casa esta en frente de el supermercado"






Week 3: Home Learning – Spanish.                         Year 6


Labelling parts of the city.


Have a look around your neighboured "barrio" and write 5 sentences describing it, do not forget to use the verb 'hay' when writing your sentences:


e.g. In my neighbourhood, there is a supermarket - En mi barrio, hay un supermercdo. 


  • Dictionary:




Week 2: Home Learning – Spanish.                         Year 6


Labelling parts of the city.


  • Group 1: Complete the worksheet you received using the examples provided



  • Group 2: Write down 5 parts of the city you visit this weekend and try to guess the name of them in Spanish. Remember the examples we were learning during the lesson.
  • Dictionary: